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Easy Money is a quick and easy means to record where all your money comes from and where it goes. If you have ever talked to a financial planning expert, they probably told you this is the single most important first step in getting your finances under control. The good news is that unlike many other personal finance programs, Easy Money does not assume or require that you speak in bean-counter jargon!


Operation is quick and painless. You can easily start the program, enter in several expenses, and get back out in a matter of seconds. This high speed, no nonsense approach makes it easy to get in the habit of using the program every day.
Records are organized according to user-defined categories. For example, you might set up categories for "work", "food", "shelter", "utilities", etc...  Whenever you make or spend any money, make an entry under the appropriate category. If you keep this up on a regular basis, you will be rewarded with some genuinely useful composite information.
In addition to the category system, you may further organize records according to a couple of user-defined fields. These can be check numbers, vendors, project numbers, payment types; whatever you need!
To help find things, you may click on any column header at any time to sort the display by that column. Click once to sort ascending, again to sort descending.
The Macro utility allows you to automate the recording of recurring expenses and income, such as payroll checks. Running a macro file automatically makes a number of entries at the same time.
Easy Money creates four different types of  reports.  All reports have a summary section showing the sub-totals for each category, the percentage of the grand total, and the grand total. There is also a simple bar graph in the summary section. At your option, the summary is followed by a complete listing of each line item, grouped under category headers and divided into "money IN" and "money OUT".  Either the summary or full type may be made in "portrait" or "landscape" style.
Report data may be exported in "comma-delimited" (.txt) or "comma separated value" (.csv) formats for import into any spreadsheet or word processing program.
If you are switching over from another personal finance program,  Easy Money can probably import your existing data (in either "comma-delimited" or "comma separated value" format).
If desired, you may set up pass code protection, where the program will not start unless the correct code is first entered. (The pass code requirement may be turned "off" or "on" at any time.)
Easy Money automatically conforms to your system's date and currency formatting standards.