Quick Start Guide

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Nobody likes to read help files; fair enough! But to avoid confusion, please read at least this section, OK?
When Easy Money starts up for the first time, it will automatically create a few categories for you, to make it easier to get up and running.


Let's pretend you just paid your rent or mortgage payment. Click on the Shelter category, then the New button (top left side of Easy Money screen). You will see this:


Type in the amount of the payment in the amount box (no currency character or plus or minus sign required). Then type a short note describing the expense in the note field, and click the Save Expense button. The new expense entry will be displayed in the line item list on the left side of the screen.
Now let's say you got a paycheck. Click the Wages category, and then the New button. Again, type the amount in the amount field, and a note in the note field. This time though, click the Save Income button. Taxes were probably taken out of your salary by your employer, so make another new entry showing that expense as well.
Now click the All Categories bar at the top of the category list. All three of your new line items are displayed on the left side of the screen. Note that the expenses are shown in red, income in black.
For recurring things like paychecks, where you might have quite a few regular, predictable line items each time such as: salary, expense reimbursement, federal tax, state tax, local tax, health insurance, retirement, dues, (whatever), create a macro file that you run each payday. Macro files automatically enter a series of records for you.
Continuing with the introductory lesson, click on one of the Report buttons (middle of the tool bar).


In a nutshell, these are Easy Money's primary, day-to-day functions. Now that you have a good idea of how the program works, go back and revise or delete the sample categories and entries, and build your own category list that makes sense for you!
Finally, if you are thinking of moving from another personal finance application to Easy Money, there is a good chance that you can import your existing data from the other program into Easy Money!  Please look at the Import Utility.
Upgrading from an earlier version?
Version series 3.x, 4.x and 5.x data is fully compatible with version 6.x, however 6.x keeps data in a different folder than before and so you must transfer it over. But there is a utility included to make this easy! Select the menu item File, Data Restoration (complete) to bring up this dialog:



Clicking the Copy all Source Files to Target should update your new installation with your existing data. Note that you can also use this utility later on to recover backup data from floppy disk should your computer fail or be replaced.