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Easy Money organizes records according to categories that you create. The categories can be anything you want: "food", "shelter", "hobby", etc.
To set up categories, click the menu item: Records, New Category to display the Category Edit Box:


Type a short (up to ten character) category code in the Category Code field,  a descriptive name in the Category Name field, and then click the Save button. Your new category will be displayed in the category list on the right side of the screen.
To change the name or code of an existing category, first select it by double-clicking it in the category list. Once only it's line items are displayed, click the menu item: Categories, Edit Category. Revise the name and/or code and click the Replace button. Easy Money will replace the old category name/code in the category file, and in all associated records as well.
To delete a category, proceed as if replacing (as outlined above), but click the Delete button instead. Easy Money will remove the category from the category file, and then prompt you for instructions on what to do with the newly "orphaned" records. You can either delete them, or leave them there. If you chose not to delete, the records will still exist, but they will not ever show up on any printed reports. To make the "orphans" reappear on reports,  just recreate the category (or any category with the same category code).
You may merge two categories into one as follows: 1) Edit the obsolete code to be exactly the same as the one with which you  wish to merge. 2) Delete one of the two duplicate category designations, being careful NOT to delete the records too!