Data Folders

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By default, Easy Money creates data files in a folder named C:\Documents and Settings\(your name)\Clintonville Software\Easy Money\ . If needed, you may set up additional data folders. For example, you might use the default folder for your personal expenses, and set up a separate one for business expense, etc.
To set up a new folder, click the menu item: File, Select Data Folder. Now click on the new folder icon, and type in the name you wish where prompted,  and press ENTER. Now double-click on the new folder's name, so that it is displayed at the top of the dialog box, then click the Open button. (Note: you may also create your additional folders outside of Easy Money with the Windows Explorer, or simply pick already existing folders and use them.)
The first time you go to the new folder Easy Money will create new (empty) data and category files, so you will be starting from scratch. Note that the path to the folder being used is displayed at the bottom of the Easy Money screen, just to the left of the date.
To return to the default folder, select the menu item File, Default Data Folder.  To re enter an alternate folder,  use File, Select Data Folder. If you wish, you can go into configuration and "hard wire" up to two alternate folders as menu items. You may also specify which folder Easy Money should start up in on the configuration form.
Each different folder has its own data, categories, user-defined field lists, and note file, and is completely independent of any other folder. Note that this means you must back them up separately!