User-Defined Fields

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In addition to the main category system, Easy Money records may be further classified by two user-defined data fields. These fields can be used for anything you want, such as payment type, vendor name, check number, actual / projected; whatever you need.


The picture above shows the user-defined fields being filled in during new record entry. Field 1 has been named "Type" (as in payment type) and the item "Cash" has already been selected. Field 2 has been named "Vendor", and we are in the process of selecting one in the picture.
The names and behavior of the two fields can be adjusted - please see the configuration section for details on how to change their settings. If you wish to remove an item from the list, highlight it and press the little Delete button to the right of the field.
The main display grid may be populated by searching the user-defined fields.


Select the menu item Search, [user field] and the category list will temporarily be replaced by the list of items you have saved under the selected user field.
Important - If a given user field is set up to save entries, then that field is excluded from full or partial word searches. On the other hand, if the field is set to not save entries, then it is included in word searches. The reason for this behavior is as follows: If the field is not saved in a list, then each thing you are entering there must be unique, like a check number or something. Including these unique entries in word searches allows finding a particular check number. If you are saving the items in a list, then you can search for them as in the picture above.
Note that you can first set a field to keep a list, and then change it to not save the items, after you have the list they way you want it.
Each different data folder that you use will have It's own user-defined field pick lists, however their names and behavior settings will be the same in all folders.