Adding / editing records

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There are three ways to activate the Line Item Editor. Click the New button on the toolbar,  press F2 (or INSERT), or double-click an existing line item. Either way, the line item editor will be displayed:


Select a date from the calendar.
Select a category by clicking on the category selection list on the right side of the screen.
If desired, select or type new user-defined fields.
Enter the amount in the Amount Field. Numbers, thousands separator, and decimal separator only. (Do not indicate + or - or provide a currency character here).
Type in a new note (or edit the existing one if "cloning") in the Note Field.
Click the Save New Expense button:


but_new_exp ... to save the new entry with a negative value,  the Save New Income button:


but_new_inc ... to save with positive value.
If you have opened the edit box by double-clicking an existing record, the Replace buttons: 


but_rep_inc but_rep_exp and the Delete button:


but_del will be active. Click one of the Replace buttons to correct an existing record, Delete to remove it.

To quit record edit without saving any changes click the Close button:




Tip: Once you are up and running, the very quickest way to add a new entry is to "clone" an existing one. Double-click it on the main grid, click the today on the calendar, revise the amount, etc. if required, and Save.