Generating reports

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To make a report, click on any of the four Report buttons at any time.


When a report is displayed, additional functions become active:


Print Report sends the report immediately to your default system printer.
Edit Report with Word Processor attempts to start up your word processor program with the report already loaded, where you can change it around however you please before printing it.
Close Report Window returns you to normal operation.
Write Report to Text File allows you to save the report as a plain text file.
The Export functions allow you to write the report DATA to either a comma-delimited (txt) or comma separated value (csv) file, for import into a spreadsheet program, or any other program which can read these types of data files. Use this technique to create charts and graphs, for example. Tip: If you have a spreadsheet program installed, use .CSV format and Easy Money will probably be able to start it up for you immediately after the export is complete.
If you wish to tailor a report to include only certain categories and/or certain line items, change the List Mode from "Category/Search Result Only" to "Free Selection - Add/Subtract".


While in "Free Selection"  mode, the main display grid shifts to a light blue background, and behaves differently than normal, in several important ways.
The first difference is that when you perform a search function, or select a category, the results are ADDED to the list, without the list first being cleared. In this way you can make the grid display records from several different selected categories, user defined fields, or word searches at the same time.
The second difference is that you can remove individual items from the list without actually deleting them from the data file (highlight the item and press the delete key). In this way you can selectively exclude certain records which do not  belong in the report.
Click the Clear button (above the category list) to get a "clean slate" if desired.
Once you have put together a list containing all the items you wish to include, select one of the four report types as usual. You may toggle between the two List Modes by clicking the blue/white square button.