Synchronizing Between Notebook / Desktop

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If you use both a desktop and a notebook computer, the data merge function allows synchronizing line items between the two. It makes it possible to enter line items on both machines when they are not connected, and then merge their data together later when they are connected.
Click the Synchronize button on the main screen...

mergebutton bring up the synchronize form:


To get started, first make sure that the Easy Money data folders on both of the machines is set for sharing. Do this by finding the folder(s) with Windows Explorer / "My Computer". When you find them, right click and select Sharing from the menu. Check the box to allow sharing the folder.
Next, open the synchronize form in Easy Money, and click the [...] button to the left of "Remote Data:" label. Find the other machine's shared folder, go into it, and select the file "ezmoney.dat" and click Open (may show simply as "ezmoney").
Now click either the "Pull", "Push", or "Push Pull"  buttons, depending on which way the transfer needs to go. If it works, then this machine is set up. Repeat the same process on the other one if needed (you can do all the synchronizing from a single machine).
Note: This utility only transfers line items - it does not transfer categories, user-defined labels, or other items. To transfer a complete set of data from one machine to another, use the Data Backup (complete) utility. Set the backup target to be the other machine's data folder.