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There are a number of program configuration settings that you may adjust by selecting the menu item: File, Program Settings.


At Startup Display... - Select one of these buttons to specify what period of time is displayed when the program starts. (Note that the lower the value, the faster the program will load)
Password - If you provide a password, the program will require it on startup. It can be a maximum of ten characters long, and is case-sensitive. To remove password protection, clear the password field and save the configuration. Note that this is not particularly strong protection - it's only intended to hinder casual intruders.
FY Starts Month ? and FY Starts Day ? - Use these fields to specify the first day of the fiscal year you wish to use.
Name for User Field 1 and Name for User Field 2 - These are simply the names you wish for the user-defined fields. They will be displayed on the program menu, data entry box, and printed reports. Maximum of ten characters. See User Defined Fields for details.
Save List Items? (Checkbox for each user defined field) - If the box is checked, then each time you manually type a new item in the user defined field and save the record,  the item will be saved in a drop-down list so that you can use it again for other records. If not checked, items entered in the field are not saved for re-selection. See User Defined Fields for details.
Editor - To keep notes, and to edit reports, Easy Money calls a separate word processing program (editor). On most Windows installations this will be either Microsoft Wordpad or Word. This optional setting allows you to specify a different third-party programs to be called instead. Click the [...] button to select a different program.
Start-Up Folder - If desired, you may specify a different data folder to be used upon start-up. The most likely use for this would be where you have the program installed on two different computers on a home network, and wish to access the same data all the time. CAUTION - this does NOT mean the program can be used by two different people at the same time - it's not designed for that, and data corruption is likely if attempted!
Alt. Folder 1 and Alt. Folder 2 - Easy Money is able to keep data sets in an unlimited number of folders. These two configuration items allow saving two alternate locations for quick access from the File menu item. Click the [...] button(s) to select folders, or click the Use Current button(s) to "lock in" a folder you are already working in.
Prompt for Confirmation... - by default, Easy Money prompts for confirmation before you either delete or replace a record. This can be turned off by unchecking the Prompt for Confirmation box.
Use Windows Calculator... - determines which calculator for Easy Money will call.
To save changes to the settings, click the Save button. To quit without saving click the Quit button.