Miscellaneous Functions

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Keeping Notes: Maintain a free form journal for each fiscal year by clicking the Notes button. Easy Money employs the default Windows word processing program for this purpose. You can change to a different program in configuration.
Calculator: Select the menu item: Help, Calculator to popup the very simple "TinyCalc". To use the calculator, type numbers in the two upper boxes, then click an operator button, and the whole little math problem is displayed. The calculator can add, subtract, multiply, and divide. If you double-click on the result box, it is placed in the Windows Clipboard, which is handy for pasting the figure into the record edit amount field. You can use the Windows calculator instead, if desired (see configuration).
Data Backup (complete): Someday, your computer is going to get old and crash, and if you fail to do regular data backups you will be sorry... Please, at least once a month select the menu item: File, Data Backup (complete) to run the backup utility. Use the standard Windows drive and directory selection items to specify a target for the backup. Your Easy Money data, note, macro, and user -defined list files will be copied for safekeeping. Should your hard disk files be destroyed somehow, you may restore  the backup files.
Data Restoration (complete): This essentially runs the backup routine in reverse. If you have had a hard disk failure and/or bought a new computer, use this to restore data from your backup floppy disk. Note that you can also use this as an easy way to migrate Easy Money 3.x or 4.x data to your new 5.x installation (see the Quick Start Guide).
Manual Internal Data Backup: Easy Money also incorporates a much less secure, but very convenient internal data backup utility as well. If you run this right before doing a data import operation, heavy editing of categories, restoration of deleted records,  or any other operation that you just might want to "undo", then you will indeed be able to restore your data to its previous state. These functions are under the menu items: File, Create Internal Backup File and File, Restore Internal Backup File. These functions will NOT protect you from a hard disk failure!


Automatic Internal Backup: With version 6.0.05, Easy Money silently keeps 5 copies of the main line-item data file. It creates one of these copies each time you start up the program on a new day. The files are named in the format "00000.autobak", and are located in the start-up data directory. If your main data file somehow becomes corrupted, you can restore it by renaming the latest of these .autobak files "ezmoney.dat" (the main line-item data file is named "ezmoney.dat").
Deleted Records: When a record is "deleted", it is really only marked as such until you run the menu item: Records, Purge Deleted Records. If you accidentally delete something and want it back, run the menu item: Records, Restore Deleted Record. It is advisable to purge from time to time, because the restoration function restores ALL marked records, including ones you may have forgotten about and do not want back!
Change Display Order: Press F9 to cycle through several different layouts for the main display grid. The setting is saved between sessions.
Toggle Bold / Regular Font: While many users have reported that they love the bold fonts that Easy Money uses, others have said it would be nice if they could be turned "off". Click this to toggle back and forth. The setting is saved between sessions.
Turn off /on "Tool Tips": Click the menu item under Help to turn off (or turn back on) those little notes that show up next to the mouse pointer. The setting is saved between sessions.
Clintonville Software may release slightly changed versions of  programs from time to time, without changing the main Version Number. To find out which Release Number you have, click the menu item: Help, About.
To make it easier to check and see what the latest release is,  click the menu item: Help, Visit Clintonville Software Website while your internet connection is active, and Easy Money will activate your web browser for you and go directly to our site!