Importing data from other applications

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If you have been using some other personal finance or general spreadsheet application to track your spending, there is a good chance that all or at least part of the old data can be imported into Easy Money. Look around in the other application and try to find a data export or "save as" function. You need to create either a comma-delimited (txt) or a comma separated values (csv) file.
Also, many banks offer online services in which you can download history files in .csv format.


Once you have obtained the export file run the Easy Money menu item: File, Comma-Delimited or CSV Import to bring up the import form (pictured above). Click Select File and find the file you just created.
Once the file is loaded, CAREFULLY look at the content listing on the left side of the import form - there should be a clearly readable list of the first five records in the file. Each numbered record should have the same number of fields shown. For example, in the picture above, note that record #3 has 6 fields, record #4 has 6 fields, etc. If the five records Don't have the same number of fields then Easy Money Can't import the data correctly, and the operation should be canceled!
If the data looks good, then use the mouse to match the import record field numbers with the correct Easy Money data fields, as follows: Click on an import field (on the left) to highlight it, then click in the appropriate Easy Money field number box (in the middle). If you can match up all six fields, great! If only some of them seem to match up, or if there are more than six fields in the import data, That's fine too, but only the matched fields will be imported, so choose wisely.
Once the fields are matched up, click Import to start the operation. The status bar on the form will indicate progress.
When complete, close the import form and return to the main Easy Money screen to CHECK THE DATA, as follows: Set the date range to encompass all possible dates that the imported data might contain. Scroll up and down through the list looking at the records, to make sure they really contain the correct information, in the correct fields. If not, then the entire import operation can be discarded by using the menu item: File, Restore Internal Backup File. Try again!
Note: the import operation does not automatically add to either the category list or the user-defined field lists - this you must do manually after the import.